Sunday, 9 May 2021

Revisiting Khartoum - the project is almost complete

Back in October 2017 when I started my Sudan project and it was always my intention to attempt to build a ficticious desert city in 28mm (aka Kghartoum). This city could double up as Cairo, cities in Afghanistan, India etc. Almost four years later that ambition has almost been realised.

I give you my Desert city...

Most of the buildings have now been finished. I have added 'flower pots' with greenery to provide a more organic feel. The pots themselves are beads to make necklaces.

All the buildngs sit on 30 x 30cm plywood bases. Many of these are of a courtyard arrangement.

The buildings are all predominantly mdf buildings covered in filler and sand. The domes are polystyrene half spheres sourced from ebay.

The shot below shows the untreated groundwork for the marketplace. The tiles are eva foam glued in place using pva foam.

The finished buildings

The mosque towers are cardboard tubes with tea light lanterns. Still need to paint these.

I have also started on a couple of breached wall sections - work in progress below

Almost finished

A few more shots of the city

The shot above shows a more open city sitting on my desert mat whereas the shot below shows a more condensed set up.

The Governors mansion...

The locals investigate their new town...

With a bit of luck we will be out of lockdown soon and the games can begin...


  1. That is, without doubt, your finest scenic creation to date!

  2. Absurdly gorgeous table. Love the Martini over the doorway!

    Spectacular as always.

  3. Now that is elegant! It has a timeless quality, useful for any period from ancient to modern. Nicely done.

  4. Both amazing and Inspiring!

  5. Beautiful!! Very impressive!!

  6. That will do nicely! A superb effort!

  7. Brilliantly realised and with some nice scrap building across the board:)

  8. That looks superb! What a project.

  9. WOW!!! Simply amazing. There really isn't words to describe how inspiring this is.

  10. Wow! Congratulations on actually finishing such a huge project.

  11. Amazing! Looking forward to seeing the action in the streets of Khartoum!

  12. Good lord! That is MEGA! Building entire cities now - you'll be expanding that shed in no time ;-) Great project, epic results!

  13. Gosh, that is absolutely sensational. When can we move in?!!!
    Regards, James