Friday 16 November 2018

More Progress on the Dark Age Project

It seems like I have been painting these figures for ages and still a long way to go before the Norman & Saxon Armies are finished.

This week my friend Mark came over to help base the 400+ figures that had been finished since my last posting. At the moment the bases just have a combo of dark chocolate paint and sand mix on them. eventually they will all get dry brushed and grassed.

This gave us the perfect opportunity to showcase the progress so far...

First up the Normans - these guys still need some Archers and a few more foot

My favourite the Norman Horse - 100 riders !

And here we have the Saxons - screened in front by some skimishers

These guys need some more peasant infantry, a few horse and some archers of their own..

I estimate that another 300 figures to go and this project will be complete...wish me luck