Tuesday 13 March 2012

Battle of Pequono Pueblo (small village)

Monday 12th March.

The Battle of Pequone Pueblo  (a small village in Spanish) ficticious battle set in Peninsular War

Rules: Age of Eagles (Napoleonic Fire & Fury)
Scale: 10mm
Figures: Mostly Magister Militum
Table Size: 5Ft x 7ft

Looking North across the battlefield

The two forces of French and British stared across the valley at one another. Equally matched in size and firepower they began to draw their plans. The British took the initiative decided to march on the village, whilst defending the land between the hamlet and the large farmhouse & fields to the North.

 The 95th Rifles secured the fields in the north

 British heavy cavalry supporting the thin Red Line.

Finally a screen of Light Cavalry was thrown out to protect the southern flank.

It was the french turn...onward 'mes braves'. French Infantry storming the Village.

Stirring stuff...

Legeres advancing towards the British Line

Supported by the French Heavy Cavalry

for full effects see


Cavalry engagements broke out in the South with French and British light horse sparring for position...the British coming off best

The French continued to advance on the right flank...taking heavy casualties from the British Artillery.

And the columns pushed on into the Village

With the French cavalry decimated on the left wing...maybe the heavy Dragoons and Curassiers could do better....?

No they didn't. The Scots Greys and British Dragoons routed their french counterparts and broke into the French Infantry waiting behind....hastily squares were formed.

With the French Cavalry destroyed and the French Infantry pinned by fearsome artillery and the constant threat of mounted charges the French General ran up the colours and conceded visctory to the Allied General....Well done Mark..

A couple of other shots...

French Polish Lancers

British Forces entering the village

Tuesday 6 March 2012

Battle of Uncrossurlegs

An update on a recent engagement in the Anglo Zulu War.

My Lord Chelmetriver, Large numbers of Zulus have been spotted heading for Missionary Position at Uncrossurlegs River.  With immediate haste you must send reinforcements to defend this position.

At the vanguard of your position will be the 69th Lancers (these were wiped out bny the very first impi entering the table)

Quickly in hand  (see above photo) the relief force marched to the sound of battle. Infantry from the Royal Squelching Fusiliers  led the column.

Hastily the British forces lined the walls of the Missionary Position

Where are the Zulusssssssss!

They are coming....stirring song required...Men of Harlech


The Zulus - attacked the rear at the weakest point - only poor boers standing in their way - driving their way in hard and fast...

With the defense about to crumble the Zulus launched an assault full frontal - splitting the British force...

Apologies readers but the rest of the pictures are far too gruesome - The British were slaughtered to a man..