Tuesday, 11 May 2021

The Games are back on !! Starting next week

 Good Morning All

With the UK government announcing that restrictions are to be lifted next week on meeting inside I can report that the Shed will be open for gaming once again on Monday 17th May. Its been far too long since I have been able to host games and I cannot wait.

On the basis that this was going to be the case I have been busy planning, structuring and writing all of the battle set ups for the Wars of the Roses engagements from Wakefield through to Towton, and starting from Monday we will be refighting the battle of Wakefield. With a bit of luck we are going to try and make up for lost time and try to get two shed games in per week.

I'll be setting up the game over the weekend so watch out for a post. In the meantime please stay safe

Eric the Shed