Tuesday 22 February 2022

The Shed Battles

Morning Folks -

just received the latest issue of wargames Illustrated (March)...and guess what they have kindly published an article on the Shed Battles.

More specifically my groups effort to refight every engagement of the Wars of the Roses using NMTBH. There are lots of lovely pictures of all the games in the magazine. However, if you want more or were not aware of this series of games I have created an index of all the games including orders of battle, scenario specific rules and full battle reports on my blog . The Index can be found in the banner at the top of the page...or use this link

Index of wars of Roses Games

Sunday 20 February 2022

Whats been happening? A large number of games outside the Shed

 Good evening folks

A massive apology for not posting sooner but things have been very hectic here at Shed Towers - lots of stuff been going on (all positive) and I have been getting in plenty of games over the last few weeks. 

In summary since the middle of January I have painted the best part of 400 x 28mm British & French Line Napoleonics (pictures soon).

I have made two new 5ft x 9ft caulk battlemats for my mate Mark who has just opened up his own shed

Picture below - Mark touching up the desert base colours before it gets its drybrush of yellow and white

The finished mat

A separate 9ft x 6ft grass battlemat - the cost of doing these two worked out at about £120 total including caulk, decorators cloth, and flock

The new grass mat Mark's shed - amazed how the colour has changed with new lighting

Plus of course Mark needed some new hills - flocked by me, made by Vince

Best value static grass I have found on ebay - link below

Onto the games - inaugural game in Mark's new shed (he has a heater - which allows for games in cold weather) - 

We played Warmaster...I got thrashed

My empire forces haven't seen the light of day for about 10 years

They were a bit rusty in the face of their undead opposition

A break in weather opened the shed up for a large game of Pike & Shotte 

Too much terrain created a stalemate - but it was fun


Something completely new - I was introduced to 15mm Vietnam...a bit of fun. Figures and buildings courtesy of John

Can't remember the rules but they were great fun. Played two games  - one NVA the other the Imperalist invaders. 

I love the smell of Napalm in the morning....

Big shout out to Mark for his 10mm version of Kadesh - more on this on the weeks to come 

Back to Marks new shed for more Pike & Shotte and a crushing win for me and Alastair against Vince and Mark....

and something else that is new...I was introduced to the Aurelian rules by another mate called Mark...an acient card set rules based in the Late Roman Empire

These wewre great fun until my baggage train got captured

This time we are off to Imber Court for a spot of Billhooks- three new players indoctrinated into these fast paced Medieval bash up.

Once again great fun - a marginal victory for yours truly and my trusty comrades in arms.

The games keep rolling in....

This time Saga - age of Magic. A tight game between John (Orcs) and my Dwarves - only a couple of pictures (sorry) 

This was our first playtest and we are debating whether another game is required

Finally a big thank you to the chaps at Imber Court and in particular Stuart for hosting a massive 10mm Black Powder Napoleonics game....

Cracking fun and a victory for La Francais ! Hooray

If March has as many games as Jan/Feb I'll be a happy chap

All the best