Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Battle of Wakefield - 28mm War of the Roses wargame - part 2

Following on from part 1 (which can be found HERE) the Shed finally swung open its doors and welcomed players back to the table. 


Ladies and Gentlemen I give you our retelling of the Battle of Wakefield. The objectives, orders of battle etc can all be found in part 1 (see link above)

As can be seen in the picture above York and Salisbury are positioned on the left hand side of the table outside Sandal castle - Our games starts with the Lancastrian army appearing in three large and formidable battles.

Lancastrian cavalry have taken up positions defending Wakefield bridge. (below) 

Across the field of play. 

With Battle lines drawn up the players start the maneuver phase. Each side slowly draws closers to one another.

The Battle opens proper with the Lancastrian cavalry engaging the far right flank of the Yorkists

Elsewhere the ranks of archers on both sides begin to unleash their storms of arrows

The table looked suitably wintry despite being May outside.

The superior numbers of Lancastrians was beginning to tell on the far right flank. Arrows were finding their targets and the Yorkists were being forced back.

However things were going slightly better for York on his right flank near Wakefield bridge. Not only had he removed most of the Lancastrian cavalry, Rutland and his escort of mounted knights were on the move. Could they escape?

Rutland's armed escort in bottom right of picture below

Across the cold field the brave souls continued to press forward.

With the realisation that the Yorkists cause was possibly lost, Richard Duke of York and his ally Salisbury lead their men at arms forward in a desperate charge to buy time for Rutland's esscape.

Crashing into the Lancastrian centre the men at arms fought a valiant fight but alas their brave intentions were not matched by the dice rolls. 

York's demise on the field was short, sharp and swift (below)

However his death had given added impetus to the events unfolding near the bridge. By now the Lancastrian cavalry forces under Roos had been driven off and with Yorkist infantry support  Rutland was getting closer to his escape.

Elsewhere on the field Lancastrian troops surged forward and soon captured Salisbury

Rutland was so close to the bridge - he could taste freedom through his visored helm ;-)

A grand shot of the table.....

Attempting to block his path - Somerset the Lancastrian general threw his troops in against the mounted knights 

It was to no avail - the Knights thundered through and over the Bridge. Rutland had escaped.

Despite winning the battle (a forgone conclusion) Rutlands escape gave the Yorkists a minor table victory. Congratulations John !!

Once again a great game, a visual feast, and a very close run thing...

next up Mortimers Cross..

Take care and stay safe folks


  1. Looks excellent. How long is it since you were able to have a game?

  2. A wonderful looking spectacle of a wargame. You and your shedettes have been sorely missed during all the recent malarchy.

    1. I love the term 'Shedettes'! I think all of us Shed regulars should start using it!! :)

  3. A great tale, great game, great fun!
    Best wishes,

  4. nice looking game, glad you were able to finally get back in the Shed for a game

  5. Lovely - the best of the internet.

  6. Such a splendid table! A real pleasure to watch!

  7. Great stuff! Like the look of the whole table.

  8. guess his parts won't hang from a tree then

  9. Great way to start gaming again after so long a wait. Impressive table as usual. 😀

  10. Magnificent looking game. Love the snow terrain!
    Regards, James

  11. Great looking game and a hard battle to give any balance to due to the difference in forces

  12. Stunning game! Thanks for sharing!