Monday 29 January 2024

Shed Wars features in a Podcast

Evening All

Just a short post tonight. Delighted to report that a few weeks ago I spent an enjoyable afternoon discussing all things wargaming, the Shed and my new venture The Shed wars Experience with the Yarkshire Gamer. If interested in listening in to this conversation please click onto the link below

The Yarkshire Gamer Podcast

Ken, the Yarkshire Gamer has done a raft of fascinating interviews and so if you are not interested in hearing all about my exploits please do check out his other illustrious guests. I feel honoured to share their company.

Happy listening

Eric the Shed

Monday 22 January 2024

Battle of Talavera 28mm wargame

Good Morning All & a Happy New Year !!

Its been three weeks since I last posted and with Christmas and the New Years festivities out of the way it was time to get back to the serious business of gaming in the shed. The first couple of weeks of the year saw a few boardgames being played and an annual outing of my Predators game - all good fun. However one of my shed warriors, Vince, was keen to put together a large Peninsular battle based on the battle of Talavera. 

How could I resist? In an upcoming post I'll detail the orders of battle, objectives and how we translated this battle to the tabletop. However the game has been fought and with over 2000 figures on the table I was keen to show off the display.

Using Black Powder with six players we were able to almost complete this game in a three and a half hour session. A fairly momentous game that rattled along at a fair pace with some splendid cavalry charges, British squares and lots of French columns.

A few things to consider - our take on this battle only reflected the British centre and left flank from the real battle, secondly we had to use our Portuguese troops as Spanish units ., and finally despite having over 50 battalions of French Infantry on the table we still didn't have enough so had to recycle a few units.  

The action started with the British deploying on the rear side of the river that cut across the field. The river/stream did not hinder movement but would remove the charge bonus for attackers forcing their way across.

The British had several brigades marching forward and then the French appeared. All cavalry on both sides were off table at present.

The full extent of the 17ft table - British to the left. Apologies most of the photos were taken from the British side . I commanded the Allied centre, with Vince and John as my flank generals. Facing us were Mark, David and Sven.

The massed British line were looking forward to showing their prowess on the battlefield. Over 30 line battalions.

Just off the centre the British deployed on the hill facing into the valley...

The first French attack against the British centre. Four French columns massed forward. A violent battle ensued with honours approximately even. Special mention to the small rifle company who held back the facing column with some stunning dice rolls.

The French second attack on the hill. This came a cropper as an entire division was held and then pushed back.

The French continued to try and force the hill with no luck. The British redcoats held firm albeit slightly bruised.

The third French attack against the Allied left wing - quickly seizing the artillery redoubt they surged forward.

The Allied centre held forcing back another French brigade

The attack on the hill was faltering....

Over on the extreme left Flank the Spanish conscript troops were holding their own against Sven's French forces.

The battle on the left wing would ebb and flow and despite the Allied fears that the left flank would disintegrate under the pressure they held firm for the rest of the evening

The French launched a third and final assault on the hill. Again the red line held.

As the battle progressed horses from both sides entered the field. The French Lancers targetting the British centre

What to do, a combined arms assault by the French on the centre was our worst nightmare/

The British had no choice but to go into square and take the brunt of the French attack.

An entire brigade in square but fortunately good fire was disrupting the attack.

The French started to close in on the gaps of the British centre but time was running out. 

Fearing more French horse might pour into the lines behind the formed troops British heavies charged their opposite numbers and breaking the French brigade only to be ambushed the following turn by a well lead Chasseur unit.

The French had run out of steam and units on the Allied left. The Hill had held and beaten back a sizeable portion of the French Army

The Allied centre was shot to bits but sufficient forces remained to plug the gaps.

All that remained was the final french attack on the right wing. A dozen columns up against Johns lines of redcoats

Unfortunately for the French they failed to get their orders as the clock hit finishing time. What might have been?

The French may well have succeeded here but across the field the other parts of their army had fared less well and a it was agreed to grant the Allies a minor victory

A cracking and close game - one which will be refought later in the year. A big thank you to Vince for organising.

More soon...