Wednesday 15 February 2023

Tables and disillusionment

Morning All

Latest news from the Shed, for the previous post head HERE

When I left you last I posted a picture of the first table that had been built and I am delighted to report that this has now been joined by five others.

At this point I should extend a massive thanks to Mark F (picture below) for coming round and helping me put these together - thank you Mark !! 

These tables are all 6ft long and 2.5ft wide - and this gives me a number of combinations in configuration. They are all mounted on casters to ease movement around the room.

Ultimately these also have to serve as storage units for my terrain collection.

Ebay has been my best friend here with plastic 45 litre containers bought in bulk at about £7/unit

I have also repurposed some old ikea metal baskets brought from the last house. STOP Edit - this unit has proved totally impractical and will be dismantled and reconfigured

With the tables built attention has turned to some other parts of the room - for example a rescued frame from the new house now sports a new and more appropriate shed image..

An ebay purchase of £20 provided 4 more bar stools

And the flat screen TV is now uip on the wall - with Wifi already up and running in the shed this will no doubt be used for all manner of purposes.

Finally the blinds arrived and I have started to fit these - they do need to be cut down to fit the windows.

and onto the disillusionment - I have too much stuff !!! 

Trying to store all this and maintain the clean lines of the room I am trying to recreate had me beaten on Mark F will testify I was somewhat shaken as we started to empty the boxes and try to cram everything in...even the fortifying glass of wine (see pic below) was not enough to beat the blues

What happened next...until next time

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Tuesday 7 February 2023

More progress in the New Shed

 Morning Folks

Since I left you I have when time has permitted been cracking on with the refurbishment of the new shed /games room. Since I left you last the Kitchen is now virtually finished (see part 3 HERE) and aside from handles that need to be fiited its almost good to go.

My focus in the last three weeks has been on getting the interior decorated, window frames painted and sorting out some exterior damage. 

Pictures below show the progress on the left side of the main room

Below - untouched

Below - new lights fitted, ceilings and walls painted

Below - Believe it or not the room is now decorated - so much stuff to sort !

The good news is that all the ghastly painting is now done and attention last week turned to the new floor. I was able to source a new laminate floor from Selco for £7.99 per square metre and with almost 50 square metres to cover this still came in quite expensive. A massive thanks to my ex neighbour Mark for all his help on this one. We managed to get the floor laid in a day !!

Below - starting the job...

Almost half way

Job can also see the window frames are finished in picture

Now that the floor is done I can get on with the exciting stuff - building the games tables !!

Another £450 timber arrived on Friday and stored in the garage.

It was time to assemble this new toy - things should be much quicker than a hand saw

With a couple of hours free on Monday the first table rolls off the assembly line...

The tops are repurposed doors from the annex we are living in cut down to 6ft in length. 

There are going to be six of the these tables giving me the options of a 5ft x 18ft table or a 6ft x 15ft table. Of course I can always extend further in width/length with the use of extra boards. These are all mounted on casters as per my previous tables.

The plan is to store all my terrain under these and put all the figures into some new custom cupboards (to be designed and built)

With a bit of luck the tables should be complete this week and then the games can start !!

Catch up soon

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