Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Battle of Mortimer's Cross - 28mm wargame part 2

Following our epic game of Towton on Saturday (as mentioned this will be published along with the others in chronological order) we turned our attention to the rather smaller affair of Mortimer's Cross. For part 1 of this battle head HERE

Once again this battle was refought using the excellent Never Mind the Bill Hooks ruleset.

Unlike many of the WOTR battles Mortimer's Cross is relatively straight forward. A marginally superior Yorkist force clashes with a Lancastrian army in a valley just outside Wales. Its a straight forward 'bash em up' game. 

With the two sides matched up for a big fight It was decided the Yorkists would be lead by John as the Earl of March (technically now Duke of York since his dad copped it at Wakefield) and with his left and right battles commanded by myself and Mark K. Facing us were our usual Lancastrians - Alastair and Mark F.

With the two sides facing off against each other we began the manoeuver phase - each side had a lot of troops (some 30+ units aside) so to speed things up two units were moved at a time.

Unfortunately the Lancastrians were knowlegeable about this battle (and had even visited the site) so were fully aware of the Yorkist ambush waiting in the wooded hills. Using this advanced knowledge the Irish closest to this point advanced into the woods to try and flush out the hiding Yorkists

Slowly the armies crept towards each other - periodically testing the range with a lone arrow (ie using a tape measure to figure out when the barrage could begin)

As a note the isolated trees on the table are just their for decoration. These get moved around ;-)

With the two sides edging closer battle was sure to start imminently....

It was the Lancastrians who began proceedings in the centre with their archers moving into long range

Volleys were loosed and a few casualties were taken

With a need to press on the Lancastrian left flank surged forward lead by their Irish allies

By now an arrow storm raged across the front with both sides bringing into play as many archer units that they could muster

Despite the toll of falling arrows both lines were holding firm.

Edward's retinue (below) steels itself for action

As the forces edged closer stocks of arrows were beginning to wear down

At this point the Irish launched their assault on the left wing

and through the woods...

Over on the Lancastrian right the Yorkists facing them fiirly fixed themselves to the banks of the river Lugg

With the Irish surging forward Vaughans troops hiding in the woods stepped forward

The Irish in the open were cut down in their charge. However their allies in the woods fared better forcing Vaughan's bills to retire, mauled and daunted.

The two sides in the centre continued to play with their bows

Eventually the arrows ran out and the two sides moved forward 

The centre clashed in a bloody melee - neither side gaining an advantage

Battles erupted across the line - numerous successes for the Yorkists. Several of the Welsh Lancastrians fleeing in rout

Fearing a complete collapse the Lancastrian left wing moved forward en masse to try and save the day.

Their brave sortie fails...

With the Irish dealt with the Yorkist right flank moved forwards  - attempting to roll up the Lancastrian flank

With much of the Lancastrian force dead, daunted or fled the Victory is awarded to Edward, Earl of March

A return to St Albans in our next battle....


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