Tuesday 3 November 2020

Some Tents for my Knights

Good Morning All

Following on from our game recreating the Battle of Northampton I realised that I was decidedly lacking in battlefield terrain that would be suitable for a medieval encampment so I turned my attention to building some temporary abodes for my Knights. 

At first I considered pringle tubes, toilet rolls etc but none of these gave the shape I was looking for. Finally I hit upon an item that might actually work. The humble flower pot. This has the sloped silhouette I was looking for. A quick pillage of the garden shed through up a few potential tents.

I trimmed off the rim to bring the height of the tent closer to my desired level. The top was made using a piece of plasti-card shaped into a cone and fixed using heavy duty duck tape.

The roof was then stuck onto the bottom of the pot and the rim previously cut off added to create a overhang.

Once all dry I covered the plastic structure in pva soaked kitchen towel.

The tents were left for 24 hours to dry out fully before painting with some art acrylics, then based on an old cd. Groundwork was birds sand, painted with brown emulsion, highlighted and static grass added. A few tufts were then added. Hey presto a small Knights encampment.

A few shots on table....outside the walls of my castle.

Total cost to build next to nothing, and total time to build seven probably around 2 hours (excluding drying time). They are not perfect but I think they look the business.

Stay safe folks