Wednesday 17 July 2019

The Rout in July- English Civil War Action

Having spent very little time in the Shed over the last few weeks I was delighted to host a Pike & Shotte game earlier this week. This was going to be a very straight forward encounter battle between the Royalists and the Parliamentarians. Each army was generated randomly using my unit cards (see here for more information) with limits being placed. 

There had to be six battalias on the table for each side with a minimum of three units per battalia and a max of five. By the times the cards (a max of 25 units per side) were shuffled out both sides ended up with two cavalry battalia and four infantry battalia. 

What followed was perhaps one of the quickest and most brutal games seen in the shed. Within two hours the Roundheads had smashed the Royalist cause out on the left flank and centre. Colin (a first timer to this period) was enjoying his beginners luck as he was consistently rolling 5’s and 6’s and winning every melee and firefight. 

Poor old Alastair and Mark were literally torn apart. Their only marginal victory coming from a cavalry assault on the Parliamentarian right wing.

Unlike previous games we had fewer troops on the table allowing for more maneuver and with four out of five players confident in the rules it ticked along very quickly. A few photos of the game for your enjoyment.

More soon (i hope)