Friday 7 February 2020

10mm Napoleonics - Time for a clear out

Over the last few days I have been taking stock of what is in the shed and ultimately what do I actually need. A couple of years back I built my 28mm Napoleonic Armies and I am very happy with them. However I also painted hundreds of 10mm Napoleonics about 10 years ago and to be frank they have only ever seen the table about a half dozen times in that period so I have decided to sell them.

It seems appropriate that I alert followers to the blog of their sale and where you can find them on ebay. Links to follow.

However to help promote the sale I thought it might be useful to post some pictures of them in action from posts gone by...

I have broken the forces into five lots - two British Armies and three French Armies. Each force is roughly the same size in terms of unit numbers etc..

The opening bids of £209 might seem a bit steep but what you are getting is over 100 bases of individually painted figures - that works out at about £2 a base for either 6 infantry, 3 cavalry or one cannon and crew. I think that that is a fair price. Of course I am throwing in free UK postage.

So if you are interested in buying these make me an offer or put in a bid. At least you now the provenance of these items