Monday 11 July 2022

Just a quick update...

 Afternoon all

Just a quick update this afternoon. When I left you last month I was in the process of finalising our purchase of a new home in Somerset...well as we got towards the final hurdles our solicitor advised us that a number of elements at the new property did not have planning permission. Why this didn't come up earlier I'll never know but given we were going to be running a business from said property the paperwork had to be flawless. So with a heavy heart and several hundreds of pounds (£) we withdrew from the purchase.

The last four weeks has meant viewing countless new properties to try and get our dream back on track. With a couple of options on the table we even got to put in some bids but pulled out 24 hours later when we finally found the 'new ' project only half an hour from our present location. Fortunately our offer was accepted and we are now back on the trail with the solicitors and surveyors. Who knows maybe we will be in by Christmas !!

As a bonus hopefully I can get all my regular gaming chums to still visit !!

On the wargaming front things have been a bit quiet - we continue to play Mondays but the shed is now starting to fill up with boxes from the house (I started packing when I thought our move was imminent), so not sure how long this will continue.

Will keep you posted soon