Thursday 4 April 2019

What has happened to my luck?

Good Evening All

For years I think my luck on the gaming table has been quite reasonable. I can think of several times when a game plan has been rescued by some fortuitous dice rolling or when a unit that should have been defeated has become the victor, However since Christmas my luck has just disappeared ...with the exception of our refight of the battle of Stamford Briodge when it was a forgone conclusion as to who would win I have been on the losing side in every game.

I don't think my tactics have been bad just my dice rolling. Monday just gone was no exception. Five of us fought a ficticious ECW encounter battle with evenly matched sides. We were using Pike & Shotte.

In virtually every combat my troops lost - and my command rolls were not much better. To cap it off my opponent virtually scored hits 80% of the time. It was perhaps the biggest one sided game I have played for a long time. The last was Hastings and that was only a few weeks ago.

All I can say is I hope its going to change very soon.

Any bets on the National are off and I'll be buying some new dice at Salute at the weekend...

No AAR this week as I am still hurting just a very few pictures

First Cannon Shot on my Cuirassiers - they never recovered

More soon including an update on both my new projects

Have fun at Salute if you are going