Monday 22 April 2024

Napoleonic adventures

 Afternoon all, its been a few weeks since I last posted and boy have things been busy here at the Shed. 

First up since I last posted back in early March I have not lifted a paintbrush so there has been no progress on the Macedonian front. On the odd occasion when I promised myself some painting time something else has cropped up or I just haven't been motivated. Hopefully things will change soon as I am eager to see these boys on the table.

On more positive matter I was delighted to welcome some old friends to the Shed. Five years ago I was fortunate enough to take part in the Great Game as an umpire. As a memory jogger this was an event hosted by the charity Waterloo Uncovered to refight the Battle of Waterloo over two days in Glasgow.

Link Here

During my stay in Glasgow I met up with a bunch of chaps from Australia who also had the honour of umpiring the game. We got on brilliantly and as a parting shot I stated that if they ever returned to the UK they would be most welcome to play a game in the shed. Five years later, and in a different shed they took up my offer,

I hosted a Napoleonic game (set in the peninsular) but we used their rules which were derived from Chain of Command. It was a cracking game (I managed to lose an entire French Division to British musketry) and if things work out we might see these published in the not too distant future.

A few photos from the game....

So a big thank you to Garry, Greg, Peter, Dave and Jon Paul for gracing the shed and a great game.

With the Napoleonics theme still running through my veins Monday night this week saw a rather large Black Powder game set up by Vince. This would feature French and their Allies versus a coalition force of Russians, Prussians and Austrians. The majority of troops were provided by Vince, Sven and Tony. It looked fabulous and the result could have swung either way. Sadly we ran out of time and for other reasons I had to break down the game later in the week.

One of the three French Corps


More soon....