Wednesday, 31 March 2021

The Plain Wars - 28mm part 2

 Good Morning Folks

Finally managed to get round to finishing the US Cavalry for my Plains war project. All the figures shown in the pictures are either from Foundry or Artisan Designs. They are virtually identical size wise.

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At the moment I am still deliberating on (and writing my own) ruleset for this period but I envisage both one to one skirmish and company level games. With that in mind and the fact I ended up with a surplus of standard bearers my US cavalry takes to the field in four companies each thirteen men strong . Each company can be fielded both on horse and dismounted.


Compared to my Indians (native americans these were a joy to paint) - I even managed to paint in the yellow trouser stripe !

The flags are home made and they are probably too large but they do stand out on the table.

'A' company ready for action

That's it for now - more soon


  1. Coming along at the usual brisk pace!

  2. Nice work....but I fear those oval bases and metal figures will struggle to stand up on hills on you lovely fur !

  3. These all look marvellous. Love all the cavalry.

  4. Those look great, you have really captured the period. Just prepping my own plains wars project but in 6mm... I must be mad.