Friday 15 May 2015

VBCW Posties - Heavy Weapon Support - part 4

So I finally got round to actually finishing off a unit ! And if I don't say so myself this is rather a good achievement for me. Too many projects started but not completed, so I have decided a change in new purchases, no new builds until I have actually finished what I started. Yes that does mean the Pulp Tramp Steamer will get finished !

So in this short post I'll picture the final part of my Postmen Unit..

The thread starts here

The Post Master General  and his staff - yes I know the table needs a map..(mental note to add). These are mostly Mutton Chop Minatures BEF range (bar the officer pointing at the table - source eBay)

The following support weapons all came from Renegade Miniatures WW1 range - great figures !

First up Medium Mortar, Crew and spotter

Close up shot of Mortar crew

Artillery piece and crew

Machine Gun Section

So that's it folks the Postie Unit is finished and ready to do battle...


  1. Great looking troops, the artillery looks awesome!

  2. I won't argue with them , if they leave my post on the doorstep :-)