Thursday, 28 May 2015

28mm Naval Unit

Whilst over in Tactica this year I bought a number of Pulp Figures including two packs of the British Sailor range.

These can be sourced from Northstar in the UK

Although the pictures shown on the website show them in 'whites' I wanted mine in blues for my VBCW games - but of course they can be used in a number of settings including pulp.

These were really easy to paint up and complemented the dozen or so Sailors I already had purchased and painted some years back.

Sadly I can't find the manufacturer of these ??

For the Naval Brigade Officer I used the Salute giveaway figure from 2014 with his dog...

So I now have around 20 rifle armed Sailor boys

And a gun crew...

Ill be adding a few other pieces to this force in due course

Until next time


  1. Jolly nice! Are the older sailors perhaps Copplestone? Pack AFU3 from his Darkest Africa Range?

  2. Very nicely done they look great Eric.