Friday, 1 May 2015

Something very Different from the Shed...28mm Daleks - part 1

The thought occurred to me a few weeks ago that I could add something different to VBCW universe and give the players something different to think about.

Imagine the scenario two sides rushing towards a hill to capture what they think is a downed experimental aircraft from the other side. Conflict ensues between the two forces as both push towards the objective.

Whats happens next is unplanned, a shock and totally alien...from the belly of the downed ship emerge strange noises and shapes followed by that immortal word...Exterminate...

Yes folks Eric the Shed has decided to put together a Dalek Army...

I can't take credit for the discovery of these gems (just google search 28mm Dalek) but for the princely sum of about £30 I have acquired over 80 of these boys. That works out at less than 50p a figure.
Yes they are cheap plastic and yes most of them are the wrong shape (idaleks I believe) but they do look the business. These originally saw life gracing the front cover of a Dr Who magazine for kids.

The following illustrates how I turned mine from horrid plastic toys into one of humanities darkest nightmares.

I wanted my force to giver the impression they were hovering so to fit the dalek I glued a small piece of plasticard to a 25mm washer (also adds weight) and once dry I added some sand for the base.

The dalek was then glued down onto the base and primed all over. Aside from painting those horrid domes these were a doddle to paint. If you are looking to paint a Dalek Army look at this useful tip...

I painted most of mine as standard warriors with a few variations to denote units. The 'Patrol Style Daleks' were painted in various colours to denote leaders.


More Warriors

For a great resource on Daleks including colour schemes head here

In terms of rules I was delighted to find that there were some unofficial rules for Daleks using the Bolt Action ruleset - you can download these on a pdf from here (Scroll down the page to find them)

So what's next  - well I have to finish painting about 35 of these and then start on the final 17 I won on ebay earlier this week. At this point I have stopped buying

So if you are bidding for Daleks you know that you are not up against me !

I have also ordered a Davros from Black Tree Designs Doctor Who range along with two of my favourite doctors - Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker (I already own a Tardis). Should Davros be too small I'll cut up one of the plastic ones and do a conversion job.

This should all be done by next weekend so I'll post progress then..

Until next time

The second part of the Dalek Army can be found here


  1. Perhaps a thick piece of clear plastic would give a better 'floating' impression? Have to fix it after painting the base, though

  2. Looking fabulous. Love that you've gone with the classic Evil of the Daleks colour scheme.

  3. Nicely done. Have you tried the Doctor Who Miniature Game rules yet? Didn't know about the Bolt Action ones, so need to look them up. Early war Germans and Daleks! I also have quite a few of the iDaleks that are awaiting painting. Like you I'm dreading the domes...

  4. Good find there Mr Shed! Perhaps this may give you some ideas for your game ~

  5. An evil plan and a great paintjob on those Daleks. My kids had some with the magazine I'll have to dig them out, before the wife tidies them up to the bin and keep them for later.

  6. Marvellous job they look great!

  7. Lovely Daleks!

    Hmmm, maybe the whole VBCW crisis was caused by them:
    "Abdicate! Abdicate! Abdicate!"

  8. Can't beat Daleks (well, you can, you just run up stairs, of course) and they have painted up really well!

  9. Surely you need a Heavy Weapons Dalek too!

    Very nicely done. I have a pack of these guys lying about somewhere. Originally intended to become a Blood Bowl team, then wanted to do them up for my WWW2 Brit army (remember than Dr Who episode) but I was looking for some webbing etc to festoon off them. Then I found something shiny somewhere else...

  10. Brilliant idea! Looking forward to seeing future game reports with these guys. Now you'll need a "mad man with a blue box" too! Crooked Dice have some great figures, if you don't already have some. Really nice paint jobs on the Daleks too, by the way!

  11. damn the secret dalek attack is out :-) - lets hope J etc don't read the blog LOL

  12. They look great, painted up well, you should do some with the guns pointing in various directions

  13. Those are great. For sheer evil the Daleks win, but for creepiness, you need some Weeping Angels.

  14. Amazing! Well done sir!

  15. Fantastic look forward to reading more