Sunday 24 May 2015

28mm Sikhs...and then found

A couple of years back I won a bid on eBay for some Copplestone Sikhs and British Officers in Tropical dress.  I had painted them and then completely forgot about them until I ran a recent Pulp game.

The problem was that 10 troopers don't really cut the mustard and I needed a few more to make a meaningful force.

Copplestone still sell these and can be found here

The came in a pack of ten and the first two pictures illustrate these. The bases have been painted to fit with my desert landscapes. Of course these guys can be used anywhere from Afghanistan to Egypt

These are the British Officers..again from Copplestone

This initial force was augmented with two packs from Pulp Miniatures - sourced from Northstar

Service was fast and easy...

The first pack was the Sikh Special Weapons PBT06 - they give you an officer, a bren gunner, a lewis gunner, a 'tommy' gunner and a chap with a Boys AT rifle

The second pack purchased was PBT05 - The Sikh Rifle unit

The scales of the two ranges work really well together.

I just need to source a mounted machine gun (eg Vickers) and a Mortar unit and I think this unit will be finished.

Until Next time


  1. Great looking force. You can use them for Bolt Action as well could you not :)

  2. Nice job Eric, impressive troops!

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  4. Great looking force. I can't help with the Mortar, but Copplestone Castings has the Vickers in BU38 Indian Army HMGs.