Tuesday 12 May 2015

Shed Wars - Featured in Wargames Bloggers Quarterly

Hi Folks

I am delighted to report that Shed Wars features in the latest issue of the great fanzine
Wargamers Bloggers Quarterly.

A few weeks ago the editorial team contacted me and asked if I would contribute to this illustrious journal.

They were particularly interested in my desert build. Apparently I wrote so much they decided this would be a two part article...thanks guys.

Anyway if you want to check this out you can down load the journal here - there are some other great articles.

Wargamers Bloggers Quarterly Issue 4

If you want to read this build in more detail you can catch up here...



  1. Great stuff. Just so happens I'm planning on some Egyptian terrain for a Doctor Who scenario.

  2. Very cool article. Nice looking terrain with easy to follow instructions. I downloaded the issue, the article on the Freikorps form Garmisch brought back memories based on the place names from when I was stationed near Erlangen in the 1970's.

  3. Thanks for the contribution, I enjoyed your terrain article.

  4. I already browsed through #4 and I enjoyed your article very much.
    Thanks a lot for sharing it!

  5. Great article and well deserved publicity for your projects

  6. We split your article simply because it was too much awesome to be contained in one issue mate! :-)

    Could you please update your download link to https://goo.gl/LpLios as it helps us track volume. Thanks.