Saturday, 16 May 2015

28mm Daleks - The Army takes Shape - part 2

Hi Folks

Well I am delighted to report that the Dalek Army is now starting to take shape. Since I reported on this last month a few more of the metal pepper pots arrived and have been painted.

For sources of these and the start of this project head here

I decided that rather than paint all of them in the same colour scheme I would have some variety - this not only allows ease of identifying units on the table it also makes them slightly more interesting to paint.

Up first four greys -

Then we have six bronze/gold versions

and a dozen red Drones

And here is the Army in its full glory - including a white supreme version at the front

In total there are 86 Daleks - that's a lot of domes to paint.

A quick review of my eBay expenditure revealed that I paid around £52 (inc postage for this lot) across 7 lots. That works out about 60p per figure. The ones from Blacktree would have cost me in the region of £3 each so this proved a good option.

And the whole lot all fit into one of my boxes that I use to store minis

There is still space to fit in Dr Who and Davros - currently on order from Black Tree

Until next time

Part 3 of this project can be found here


  1. Great work, truly a formidable force. Also having different colours will let you play them as different factions battling each other (New Dalek Paradigm against Pro Davros for example).

    Strangely the first picture of the greys looks like a different model shape. Must be the angle and the colour. Also once in the box couldn't help think they look comfused :)

  2. Wooo ! that's a lot of Daleks !!! - very impressive display ! , Tony

  3. That's a serious gang of extermination!

  4. Love it - that's made me smile.

  5. I have a similar force in my 'to do' box. :)

  6. WOW!! Now that is a serious Dalek invasion force. Terrific stuff and great to see a project really taking shape. Looking forward to seeing your Doctor Who :-)

  7. They look great, can't wait to see them in action, that should be an interesting scenario

  8. Gosh! Really Good Looking Daleks.Reminded me of the time I myself bought hundreds ( 386 ) a year and a half ago and painted them. Of course a few were broken so I converted those into Special Daleks with a huge Ray Gun based on the old Doctor Who BBC Programs from way back in the day.1973 if I remember correctly. As for your growing Dalek Army they all look Splendid Indeed. Beano Boy