Wednesday 4 December 2019

Imperial Roman army update part 3

Another quick update on the Roman Army build. Over the last few weeks I have been able to make a serious dent in the painting of my Imperial Roman Army.

Part 2 can be found here

In no particular order I have now built, constructed and painted every figure with the exception of the command stands. These figures have now all been glued to their bases. The bases themselves have received their sand covering and top coat of brown paint.

Just need to finish off the commanders and then I can start tarting up the bases ;-)

The Roman Legion - consisting of

10 cohorts of heavy infantry
3 units of cavalry
5 units of archers
5 units of auxiliary infantry
1 unit of marines
1 unit of Praetorian Guard
10 Scorpions (each will be attached to a cohort)

The picture below shows the Roman Marines - Shields to be attached after basing is finished

Praetorian Guard (large Unit) - again shields to be added

Archer units - 2 eastern style and three western units

Artillery support - 10 scorpions

I want to offer my thanks to one of my readers, he is called Nick.

Nick was able to reach me through Big Red Bat (another blogger who has found fame with his To the Strongest Rule set). Nick wanted to send me a parcel, which he accompanied with a great letter. In this correspondence he thanked me for my blog and wanted to contribute towards my Roman force. His gift was most generous. It was a Warlord box of Scorpion ballistas. Suffice to say these were quickly pressed into the grand battery. Thank you Nick

Lots of heavy infantry....

At the top of the picture can be seen the auxilliary infantry

One of the three horse units (above) - Riders still need to be glued into their saddles. I'll do this once basing complete.

I really do believe that this force could take to the field by Christmas.

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  1. Nicely done! You have quite a few options for command stands with a number of personalities becoming available through Warlord and Wargames Foundry to name but a few. For a force the size of a legion you need a legate and at least a few senior centurions. At some point you can think about things like adding auxiliary cavalry and possibly some slingers. Nice job overall. Have you built their opponents yet?

    1. Thanks Celtic Curmudgeon - I have the Victrix Generals for the commanders. The opposition has already been done - thousands of celts !!

  2. That's very impressive. Have you now got to a stage where you can say the army is finished, or are there other bits and pieces you feel you should add?

    1. At present no plan to add anything else - the number of units should provide for a few good games.

  3. I won't be different and also admit, very impressive.

  4. Wow! That looks seriously impressive.

  5. Lovely work as always!
    Any chance we can see a close up of the Auxiliary & Cavalry? :)

  6. Its always good to see massed Romans, they always look impressive. Well done with your painting and best of luck with the basing which can be a tedious chore.