Wednesday 11 December 2019

The Roman Legion is complete - part 4

As of today I can report that the Imperial Roman legion under the command of Ericus Shedicus has now been fully assembled. These brave chaps will now be resting over the winter months before initiating their campaign in the province of Britannia in the early spring.

Its taken 3 months to put this lot together!

Part 3 Can be found HERE

Ericus Shedicus - The Legion Commander

Twenty five units complete and ready to fight.

Up first we have three units of Roman Auxilliary Cavalry (Victrix). These are all slightly different thanks to different shield designs and tunic colours (red, white, blue)

Supporting the horse march 5 units of Auxilliary infantry (Warlord Games). Again each unit is differentiated by tunic and shield colour (yellow, white, green, dark blue, light blue). Command stands have come from excess Praetorian sprues I had to hand.

The Auxilliary contingent is finally made up of five archer units (Warlord, Black Tree & Aventine) – the Eastern chaps have white coats, the western green.

Marching behind the irregulars are our first Romans, a cohort of Roman marines (warlord). Resplendent in their blue tunics and hexagonal shields (spares from the Victrix Horse)

Here comes the core force of the legion 10 cohorts of heavy infantry (warlord games).

The armoured chaps have artillery support with each cohort having its own scorpion

Finally the army has drawn upon resources from the emperor himself with a large cohort of Praetorian Guard (warlord Games)

All the commanders are sources from Victrix

Hail Caesar !!

More soon


  1. Wow! Very impressive army! Well done.

  2. Replies
    1. Could have been finished earlier if real life did not get in the way...catch up soon for lunch sometime?

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    1. Cheers Joe - congrats on your Frostgrave award

  4. Cheers Bartek - hope you are keeping well

  5. Completely nuts but I love it!

    French Wargame Holidays

  6. Nicely done...

    They are truly legion...

    All the best. Aly

    1. Cheers Aly - sorry you were not able to make BLAM this year

  7. Great work Eric..........a labour of love indeed🙂

  8. Did you double the size of the first cohort? You can also gain some variety for the auxiliaries by varying shield type and by giving them long spears. All in all this is a most accomplished grouping of figures. Well done!

    1. Hi CC - yup first cohort 10 stands as opposed to standard 5.

  9. What a corking looking army. Very colourful with all those shields fab work!

  10. Very impressive, reminds of when I was younger except my Romans came from Airfix.