Monday 30 October 2017

28mm Sudan project - More Ansar & Khartoum Walls part 3

Good Morning All

This weekend I was able to crack on and finish a load more Dervishes and start on the walls of Khartoum.

If you want to see the previous post in this project head here

Up first we have the latest Dervish units painted with the first lot I completed last week - that makes a total so far of 35 bases (each with 8 warriors) - 280 figures

I have also tarted up the bases with some tufts from Warpainter sourced on ebay

There is another 100 or so foot still to be painted

These are all being stored in the A4 plastic file boxes - 50 figures to a box

Aside from painting up this lot I was able to start the walls of Khartoum - these are just regular fortified walls constructed from foam core. Four 30cm lengths have been completed and I have made a start on a tower.

I'll be putting together a full posting on this terrain project once it is complete

part 4 can be found here

More soon


  1. Goodlord those were painted very fast and extremely well!

  2. Yes, the rate at which you can produce stuff is mind boggling! Great work - and another excellent period added to the collection. At this rate you are gonna run out of periods to play! I sense another shed expansion in your future ;-)

    1. thanks Jay - as for another Shed expansion watch this space in the new year ;-)


  3. Shaping up nicely. I take about twice as long to paint up my 1/300th scale Mahdists.

  4. As always putting the rest to shame...good progress 😀

  5. Ridiculously fast production of great looking figures and the walls look great too!
    Best Iain

  6. I have to say the units look a lot better with these bases than the Zulu bases did. Working to make some of my own - school has a laser cutter I can use :)