Friday, 6 October 2017

Battle Report from the Peninsular War

Morning All

Well on Monday night we finally got round to playing a proper game in the shed and what better than throwing out 40+ units Napoleonic troops.

Once again I would play the allies to be joined later in the evening by Rolf. The French would be commanded by Alastair and Mark. To create some randomness we each received 22 units (as defined by cards) from the deck and had to build six brigades. The Brigade had to have a minimum size of two and max size of five. Most brigades were 3 -4 units in size. The cards also illustrate the  units stats.

This was a straightforward engagement with the battlefield characterised by a number of my new Iberian village squares. For those of you not familiar with built up areas inb Black Powder these are tough nuts to crack. One area can only hold one battalion and that unit effectively saves on everything bar a one !

So battle commenced with each brigade dicing to arrive on the board in march column.slowly and steadily the forces arrived. First up for the allies was their left wing - a brigade of infantry and cacadores support.

The British centre emerged  it was a bit crowded - a british line battalion quickly siexzed the firsat farm house

By now the Frogs had arrived and soon poured forward in the same old usual way. The elite Swiss battalion took up residence in the central farmhouse

The French commanders survey the battlefield

By now all the units were on the table - the British heavy cavalry dominating the centre

French Light Cavalry screened the advance on the right wing. These guys soon came into contact with the Allied light horse opposite. Honours were even as both brigades broke themselves on each other

A series of poor command rolls along the centre of the Allied lines meant they weren't going forward

Eventually Wellingtons orders were received and the Allied line advanced

The Brits siezed the third farm. Digging in for a hostile reaction

By now the Brits on the left flank had advanced and were engaged in a furious firefight with a battalion of french occupying the farmstead on the extreme allied left flank. The Cacadores chareged and bounced off - these built up areas really are tough nuts to crack

Across the centre the French line marched forward - a foray by English horse soon put them into square but with no infantry or artillery support the attack was wasted,, in the distance Brigadier Rolfs infantry were fighting hard against the french column. A single highland battalion routing two french columns in quick succession

The centre was in a stalemate position - the French decided to release their infantry (light in skirmish fomation to goad the allies into action. The British horse took the bait but just didn't charge.

Rolf was having much better luck on the French left flank - his redcoats had all but destroyed two further battalions and very soon the French left collapsed

The centre still saw little action - but the French skirmishers were taking a toll on the allied lines. Very quickly the massed formation of voltiguers drive off one british line battalion and injured several portuguese allies

Fearing the British cavalry might eventually come out to play the skirmishers moved to their right and opened fire on the farmhouse with six shots - four hits, Was I worried no - my brave boys only had to avoid rolling ones...oops - three casualties (given i'd already suffered one a break test was called for) and guess what the battalion was routed. Add this rout to the other suffered from skirmish fire half my infantry in the centre no longer advanced.

If i thought my British had a bad time spare a thought for Alastair - his entire French command on the french  was broken - the plucky chaps in redcoats had delivered a pretty bloody nose to the French

Brigadier Rolf had won the game for the allies

A fast and furious game full of drama, suspense but best of all a British victory

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  1. A very impressive looking table , I was very lucky to have the hardest fighting unit of Scots ever ....taking 3 French eagles ... ( I think Alistairs infantry failed every single break test ) . A good example of how British shooting power ''can'' negate the power of the French column .

  2. An excellent game, even if my command all ran away! There's definitely a knack to coordinating the French attack columns.

  3. Excellent stuff!! You didn't waste any time putting those Spanish buildings to good use! :-)

  4. Enjoying all these Napoleonic posts!

  5. Great looking game and figures. I haven't played Black Powder in a while, but don't recall the card draw for units; a house rule, I take it? Nice idea in any case.

    1. hi Dean - yes its a house rule. All my units have cards not only to aid the players but also to create random forces

  6. Great looking battle and your new buildings look wonderful, even better based!
    Best Iain