Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Brand New Project - 28mm Sudan - part 1

And so a new project begins….

Back in 2016 I decided that I wanted to recreate sufficient forces for the Shed to play the Anglo Zulu War in 28mm.

If you have been following this blog you might recall that at the start of the project it was my intention to not just fight the Zulu wars of Victoria's empire but also feature the other major wars.

As of today I can announce that my take on the Sudan Wars of the late 19th Century has begun. This does mean hundreds of menacing looking tribal warriors up against a smaller well armed, highly disciplined colonial army. It also means cavalry, camels, river boats and fortifications. So where do I start.

Fortunately Perry miniatures offers the discerning wargamer a range of options with which to build his force. These figures will no doubt be augmented with other manufacturers once I had had the chance to to asses their compatibility, price and availability. In the coming weeks I will be happy to share this analysis.

To kick things off I needed lots of Dervishes (Fuzzy Wuzzies as Corporal Jones called them) so a trawl of ebay quickly found several of these boxes (6 in total). Each box contains 40 multipart figures and over the weekend I assembled the whole lot in several sittings. These have all been mounted on my preferred option of the 25mm steel washer base. I think it’s safe to say that I have become quite adept at assembling plastic troops en masse.

Believe it or not that is 240 Dervishes - I will need more

Quick tips for anybody else wanting to attempt this laborious task –

1.       Remove body from sprue, clean up flash and superglue to base
2.       Remove all heads – glue heads to body
3.       Remove all Right Arms – glue right arms…

I think you probably get the drift

Unlike the Zulus where I based them in 12’s on movement trays I wanted these to be consistent with the TMWWBK – so I have elected to base these on the eight slot zombie trays from Warbases. Two bases gives me 16 figures for one of their warbands.

The next step is to get this lot primed.

part 2 can be found here


  1. Hi Eric, you really should have a look at Death in the Dark Continent from Northstar. The rules are super and there are good army lists for Sudan.

  2. Another huge project for us to look forward to watching progress of. Hopefully the inevitable hundreds of camels won't be too smelly for your shed :)

    1. Egads, just ONE camel would suffice to stink up the shed unbearably... oh, you meant toy camels... never mind. :)

      (Hi Tamsin!)

  3. No doubt those 240 will be painted in the blink of an eye!
    Best Iain

  4. Nutter, good luck. Will be fun to watch another project take shape.

  5. You're mad, mad, I say! But its such a joy to watch you pursue your madness that I can't tear myself away...

    Looking forward to seeing your progress. If only I ever stayed focused...

  6. Impressive! Always good to see more Sudan gamers.

    A suggestion? For his Sudan rules Peter Gilder mounted ten figures to a base, then came up with the idea of having a base represent ten figures. He put 7 to 10 figures on each base, spaced them out and interspersed them with scenery. It gave an excellent irregular look to the Mahdist formations and the figures went a lot further too. Perhaps if you had some washers with rocks, desert scrub and so on in place of figures, the method would work the same for you?

  7. Wonderfully meglomania, compulsive watching though...

  8. Hah, madness strikes again! Looking forward to see your horde of Fuzzy Wuzzies!

  9. Speaking from experience....

    You will never have enough... 😁
    All the best. Aly