Sunday 1 October 2017

Peninsular Village Part 2

Managed to grab some time over the weekend to try and almost finish off three of the Peninsular Village Boards.

These were the walled complexes/ farms. I have a game planned on Monday night and they will be needed.

If you missed the previous post it is here

As you can see from the pictures below I have not only completed the groundwork but have also added trees, static grass etc. I realised that as soon as these were complete I hadn't taken any work in progress photos so these will have to wait til next time - apologies

Building 1

The trees are from one of the Chinese sellers with the trunks lopped off

The tiles have come out really well...

Building 2

A little more upmarket  - it has a balcony

Here they are side by side

up next is Building 3 - this is on a 60cm x 30cm board

- I think of it as the Monastery

All three boards together...

I'm on a roll now and want to get these finished pronto...

more soon

part 3 here