Tuesday 13 January 2015

Well I never.......

That's right folks I decided to build a well for my middle eastern setting. A nice simple build if a little fiddly.

Only a few photos to show but I think you'll get the picture.

The base is hardboard about 10cm by 15cm long. The walls of the well were built up individually with hand cut bricks. Paving slabs were added around one end of the well.

The base was covered in sand and ballast to match the terrain boards.

Because this was all glued onto the rough side of the hardboard base I poured some pva into the well to create a smooth finish.

Once this lot was dry I was able to give it a paint up. I followed exactly the same paint scheme as all the desert boards. A light brown emulsion base (colour matched to GW Drab), followed by yellow ochre followed by titanium cream. This delivers the desert effect I am looking for.

The poles and donkey well arm are made from cocktail skewers. The ropes are all fine guage garden wire.

The water in the well is just a gloss black mixed with a hint of dark blue.

The rope to the bucket (underwater) was attached to one arm of the 'donkey' with the other end pushed through a small hole drilled in the base of the well.

The counter weight on the donkey was a wooden bead superglued in place

A nice simple build which took less than a couple of hours to make and better still all the materials came out of my scrap box.

Until next time...


  1. Brilliant stuff, Eric. You are an inspiration! We are working on terrain for a Desert game at a con this spring. Your blog will be used for reference and inspiration.

  2. Fantastic job - it looks really good.

  3. I really like the simple construction, a very nice well indeed.