Thursday 29 January 2015

Conan Kickstarter part 2

Hi Guys

Just wanted to alert you to the progress on the Conan Kick starter I mentioned two weeks ago...

Its already gone past the $1million mark

This deal is becoming more and more attractive all the time...even if you are not interested in the game the number of miniatures and terrain bits are worth the pledge. At the moment I am just asking for the King Pledge and I get all of this for $125

A quick tally shows that there are over 170 figures & monsters (thats not including chests, lights, bookcases, tables chairs etc). These are all 28-30mm scale.

Don't seem to be able to get a better image but head here for more info


  1. It looks like a great bundle...I've backed it too.

  2. Thanks Eric ... I've just backed it as well :-)