Friday 30 January 2015

Pulp Tramp steamer - Decks and Doors

Hi Folks

Just a short update today but lots more to come..

As always the last update is here in case you missed it

So in this brief post I finish the deck and buy the doors...

The deck was initially painted with GW Mournfang broan and then drybrushed with Khemri brown. Once all this was dry I liberally painted the decks in Winsor & Newton Nut Brown ink.

As you can see in the post below they have come up a gorgeous colour and the ink has really helped to bring out the wood effect.

Eventually I am going to have to 'weather' this boat because at the moment its all looking a bit too clean.

Now in my previous post (I think) I mentioned that I was trying to source some doors for the superstructure. Well I am delighted to report that Rolf one of my games group came up trumps with a link to a site on ebay...

Not only do they sell the doors below but a whole host of other useful goodies for this build.

The doors themselves come in both left and right openers, they stand 40mm high and 20mm wide. So perfect for 28mm figures. They are made in resin (the yellow hard stuff). I soaked mine overnight in soay water and have given them a spray of grey primer.

These doors are also perfect for underground lairs, subs and even a vsf steam tank. Total cost 75p per door. I received mine within 3 days of ordering.

Guess what these glued to the boat next.....

Until next time...

The next part of this build is here


  1. Good site for bits! I think I will get my paddle steamer out and try to finish it!

  2. looking good , found some other shop part sellers on ebay ...