Tuesday 6 January 2015

Rope Bridge - perfect for Pulp games

Over Christmas whilst hunting down suitable terrain pieces on ebay in the not so obvious places I came across this little piece...

the dimensions suggested that it might be perfect for 28mm and at a singular price of £4.99 including p&p and order was placed. To be honest I forgot all about until postie came knocking on the door.

By placing my desert cliffs in a gorge like pattern I can achieve a rather nice setting. Good thing I built 4 metres of them and if I can get the configuration right I should be abl;e to add a whole new dimension of elevation to my pulp planned games of 2015.

Whats even better is that the piece only needs some drybrushing !

So here are some intrepid 28mm adventurers crossing the gorge

and the link to the ebay site...



until next time


  1. Every post you do is an inspiration. Fantastic find - I need stuff like this for my Pirate project for this year.

  2. Good find, Mr Shed! Looks the part over the chasm!

  3. Brilliant! Love it! That will be much fought over, I suspect!

  4. Superb!
    I really like clean construct of the rope-bridge. Maybe you could share, where you got your hands on it...?

    1. The ebay link is in the post...hope this works