Wednesday 14 January 2015

Conan Kickstarter

Hi Folks

Got alerted to this Kick Starter on one of the forums and being a sucker for all things Conan I had to dive in...

Details are all here

For just under £100 you get masses of stuff - assuming of course this all happens.

Its my first ever Kickstarter project so it be interesting to see how this progresses.



  1. It looks good but no more Kickstarters for me! My experience has been variable. In one, the Sikh Wars, I got the stuff withing a few weeks but with another Wargods of Olympus I am still waiting over a year later! Not that it actually matters as it all just joins the unpainted pile!

  2. I tried to resist this as well, as one of my notes on my own blog was similar to the experiences of Legatus, but I too am a long time fan of Conan - had all the magazines from #1 & still have all the books. I think I resisted for half a day...

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