Tuesday 20 February 2024

28mm Greek Army - Part 6 - All Complete

Well its been a long time coming but I can now finally reveal the full Ancient Greek Army in glorious 28mm. This has been very much a labour of love and I think the effort has all been worthwhile.

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I do have one admission though - I thought I had painted up 32 units of Hoplites. It transpires that there are only 31. Which means there are only 992 rank and file Hoplites not the 1000 claimed. However there are at least 8 on the command stand bases so its not too wrong - STOP PRESS....I found the other unit in another box - it just didnt make the photo.

The frontage of the force presented is about 6ft - ranked in 6 ranks so I can easily accommodate this on the table.

There are 8 units of Spartans present -  256 in total - I will of course have to up this to 300 !!

By my reckoning there are 1300 figures on the table....

Most of the shields have come from the transfer sets in the Warlord games boxes however I have used some from other sources including old GW space marine transfers. I keep a big box of transfers for just such an occasion.

And there we have it - the Greek Army is ready to fight. At the moment it will be used in some small scale engagements from the Peloponesian Wars....

So what next - of course it has to be the Persians and the Macedonians. Several of my Greeks will be used as mercenaries on the other side....

Until next time


  1. An impressive sight Mr Shed.

  2. What a spectacle! It had to be a labour of love or you surely couldn't have made it this far.
    Strange how a figure or even an entire unit can go AWOL and often no explanation is forthcoming.
    I was amused by your comment about painting the Spartans to 300 but you are so close to that goal.
    Now did Darius have a million men? Did the Immortals eschew casualty rings and markers?
    Thanks for sharing this visual treat.

  3. Fantastic looking army, have you painted the Persians yet.