Tuesday 13 February 2024

28mm Ancient Greek Army - part 4 - the Cavalry

Hi Folks

Following on from the command stands I can now present my Greek light cavalry. These are all Victrix figures and aside from the extremely fragile javelins they are jolly nice figures to.

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I purchased 4 packs of these chaps and with a spare sprue sourced from ebay this gave me 52 horse to play with. 

In the end I I have put together six units of eight horse and three cavalry commanders. The regular units are all based on 50x50 bases sourced from warbases.

Two of the units are fielded with shields, at a push they can double up as medium cavalry.

The cavalry commanders have also been given shields. The transfers were plundered from the Warlord Hoplite sets

The other four units are all regular light horse (no shields). Two units are designated as Thessalian horse with their sombrero style headwear. Personally I hate this attire.

The rearmost units are also light horse but are differentiated with their white tunics and brass helms.

Up next the light infantry and skirmishers....which can now be found HERE


  1. Do you feel the same about Cretan archers' headgear? Certainly it's not the look of say a Corinthian helmet.
    That's a mighty force of horsemen for the Greeks.

  2. A fine array of horseflesh and riders on view there.