Tuesday 5 March 2024

28mm Macedonian Army - part 1

 Good Morning All

Following on from my rather large 28mm Ancient Greek Army (see Here ), it was time to turn my attention to the next phase of this project - the Macedonians/Successor forces.

Over the last 6 months I have bought six boxes of the Warlord Hames Successor starter boxes off ebay for around £60 a pop. These give you 100 Phalangites (pikes), eight horse and one war elephant. Personally I hate the Warlord metal horse and these have all been sold off and the funds used to purchase 4 packs of Victrix Greek Heavy Cavalry. These have all now been assembled and primedas Alexanders's Companion Cavalry. 

Half the pike are now primed and ready for painting - that's 300 little chaps.

Three of the elephants have also hit the painting table....

and the first 300 Phalangites are now finished (these were done earlier in 2023 but I dont think I ever showed them off). Each unit is 32 figures strong and by the time this project is finished I should have 18 units ready for action.

The basing still needs to be done but like my Greek forces these will be done ar the end

Hopefully more updates soon....


  1. I think you may have answered how many pike blocks are enough! Epic project.