Sunday 11 February 2024

28mm Ancient Greek Army part 3 - The Commanders

 Good Morning

A few months back I shared some pictures of my growing Greek Army in last count I could field 32 units each with 32 figures over 1000 figures. At that point the project stalled. I still had to finish the basing on over 250 stands plus all the additional units needed assembling, painting etc.

More pictures of the Hoplites can be seen HERE

Over the last six weeks I have hit a purple batch of painting and the army is slowly coming towards a successful completion.

Up first are the Commanders - these are all based on round bases to differentiate them from the rank and file. The figures are predominantly plastic but I have utilised the metal command stands supplied in the Warlord Games Hoplite boxes. 

To date I have completed 9 command stands - 7 large and two small

As opposed to random shields I have opted on a singular colour scheme for each command stand with the same design on each Hoplon.

Small Spartan Command Stand


Larger Spartan Stand

Side view of above

The bases are my standard sand, grit, pva and emulsion base, then drybrushed yellow ochre followed by cream. On top of that I have added static grass (2mm spring mix) and some flowery tufts.

Another Athenian General

Up next the Greek Light Cavalry....which can now be seen HERE

More Soon


  1. Those really look the part! I especially like the larger Spartan command stand.

  2. Those command bases look superb