Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Some more work in progress

Morning All

Following on from last months activities I thought I would share what has been painted, played and built in the past couple of weeks.

First up are a band of rather nasty looking Vikings. I was given a pack of these Victrix lovelies last Christmas and only got round to assembling and painting them. They do look rather good and as I continue to add to my dark age forces I think Victrix might be the go to source..

Up next is something completely different. Over the last few months I have been reading up about 3d printed stuff so it was time to bite the bullet and see what this stuff actuall looked like. I needed to augment my VBCW tank force so I purchased aVickers light tank, and a Matilda mk2 from a company called the Tank Factory (Link). These two vehicles cost me the princely sum of £17 total. 

Half the price of what a plastic kit might cost

Vickers Light Tank

Matilda Mk2

These have just been given a non descript matt green paint job and black tracks. By means of comparison here they are next to a metal and resin model

From left to right - 3d plastic print, metal, resin. To be honest for the money saved all my vehicles forward going will be 3d printed stuff.

More soon


  1. I like the armor. Msssssssssy have to bite soon on VBCW or an American version.

  2. 3D printed vehicles do seem to be getting better almost by the day and much cheaper, for now at least

  3. I haven't tried the 3d printed models yet, but looking at those tanks I am starting to change my mind. By the way, Vikings look amazing!