Saturday, 27 November 2021

Adding to my ECW collection

Over the past couple of weeks I have been focusing on some additions to my English Civil War army. A rather fortuitous purchase of a Warlord Bowx set ands some extra sprues off ebay have now been built and painted. I addition I purchased a further six cannon of various sizes at Salute.

The new cannons can be seen below - based predominantly on 5 x 10cm bases. 

Three new pike units - each unit is 10cm x 10cm and is formed of 15/16 figures

Two of these pike units are on 5 x 10cm bases which allows the creation of a large unit 15x10cm or could be used as small pike blocks (5 x 10cm) 

Six more cavalry...I used the other six as command figures

Another 8 command stands - including 2 packs of renegade commands purchased at Salute from Colonel Bills

and a further 19 bases of Shotte (all four figures on a 5 x 5 bases)

Time to show off the whole collection of 960 figures...

Not quite a 1000 but I am getting there...

More soon


  1. Splendid additions to the collection!

  2. "Not quite a thousand" ....There is rounding up or would that be cheating? Great job on the new units and commanders.

  3. A very impressive array.I especially like the way you've based the troops, well done.

  4. Seriously impressive! Looking forward to seeing them in action.

  5. You've heard it before, very impressive!

  6. Impressive looking force when all together

  7. That's a fine looking force!
    Regards, James