Saturday, 6 November 2021

Quick update on October Activities

 As we head into November I realised that there were a number of wargaming activities we managed to achieve in October and yet did not post about them so rather than several short posts I thought a longer summary might be appropriate. 

Of course the big event during October was the completion of our Wars of the Roses campaign to fight all the battles in this historic period. This is now complete and a complete history of all these games now has its own dedicated page on the blog HERE. This has been a successful series , so much so I have been asked to put together a couple of articles for Wargames Illustrated. Watch this space...

So what else has happened...

Quite a lot of figure painting including over 150 Zulus to bring my total to the magic 1000. More details can be found HERE

On top of all those Zulus I have rebased all me English Civil War and added around 200 figures to the ranks. Previously I had six pike blocks I now have 13. The blocks themselves are based on 10x10cm mdf coasters sourced off ebay.

Six of the finished units shown below including home made flags. The bases make our games of Pike and Shotte go so much quicker.

Close up of the push of pike...

I also based all the infantry onto 5 x 5cm mdf bases (warbases) - with four figures a base.

It only seemed right to then host a game in the shed - sadly no report but a few pictures of the action.

Fought across a rather densely packed terrain filled table this three aside game was fought out on a cold monday night

A furious affair with a finish that ended in a win for Mark F, Tony and Alastair.

In addition to our Bosworth and this Pike and Shotte game I introduced a few new players to my predator game...

This is a homebrew set of rules that sees several humans attempt to traverse a jungle and

avoid being killed by traps, beasties and of course...

The Predator - in our game we had five players taking on two predators.

The humans won the game with just one man making the edge of the board. 

Finally I have been building some hills to go with my caulk battlemats constructed earlier in the year. These have yet to see any action but I am pleased with the result...

They start off with hot foam cut polystyrene stuck onto a hardboard base

This is then covered in filler and left to dry.

I then liberally coat the hill in pva and cover in sand and brown emulsion paint.

Once dry the hill is then covered in static grass using the same blend as the grass used on my mats. They are not perfect but At least I now have some hills to use on my table

These are not so high as to be impractical - they stand around 5cm tall

That's it for now folks.

Take care


  1. Interesting month, good reporting!

  2. Love to see some pictures of a full pike and shot unit to see how the new bases work.

  3. Lots going on in the shed, nice to see the ECW collection 👍