Thursday, 30 April 2020

Another Shed Extension part 6

Good Evening Folks

part 5 can be found HERE

Cannot believe April is almost over and I have effectively been isolating myself from the big bad world for more days than I care to imagine....

If the truth be told I have been so busy the days are just flying past and since I took on the responsibility of managing an allotment I just don't seem to have enough hours in the day to do everything.

The next big task on the shed project was to replace the windows in the last extension with another window from Mark's ex conservatory. It took a bit of time to cut out the right shape and manhandle the beast in but it was worth it for the extra light. As a bonus the windows open

The sign seems rather apt !! 

With this new window in I then had to rebuild the inside workshop area, it also got a coat of paint - I used up the last of the blue and yellow

The shed extension work has now moved into a massive sort out and clear out.

This has been both torture and a labour of love, every box has been sorted, every screw & nail graded according to size and the waste pile is building day by day.

The good news is that I seem to finally be coming to the end and as a treat I persuaded Mrs Shed we needed an electronic labelling machine...

So I now need to label the hundreds (maybe I exaggerate) boxes of figures...

about 2/3rd are in this shot

A few other updates...Shedson is still up at Imperial waiting to take his exams but hes a good boy and thinks of his dad quite a does help that I sent him beer and a he sent me this sign..

and not to be forgotten I asked Shed-daughter if she would paint me a pub sign for the 'new -shed'

Heres the starting picture

and here is progress so far

As this thread of posts on the new shed comes to an end I am going to switch across top my war of the Roses project - take care everyone and stay safe


part 7 can be found here


  1. Hi ERIC- your new window looks terrific- letting more light in is a bonus. Certainly admire your collection of storage boxes for your Armies- I've only two such storage boxes with six drawers - later I hope to add to this- but, nothing like what you have accumulated- well done. Cheers. KEV.

  2. I really like the two new signs!

  3. Wish I could get that organised šŸ¤”

  4. Thoroughly enjoying your journey.

  5. Signs are a great touch. You need to post pics of the first game in this amazing space.

  6. You've created a gamer's utopia, I think! I like the signs, a nice touch.

  7. Fantastic effort. Just the sorting out alone must have been a gargantuan task... Just what quarantine was made for! Love the pub signs by the way.

  8. The sight of all those well sorted boxes on shelves is truly amazing. Having labels will take them to a level rarely achieved in most gaming sheds!

    Shedson and Sheddaughter are truly to be cherished. What a perfect creative family touch to add to your shed.

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  10. I'm glad you corrected the dice error on your draft shield.

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