Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Another Shed extension part 7

Hi Folks

 The project is almost complete, the clear up has happened and it is now onto the finishing touches.

The previous post is here if you missed it.

Lets start in the workshop area of the shed. The work area is made up of a few tatty old pieces of MDF - what better than to spruce it up with granite affect tiles. Better still they are wipe clean.


As you can see in the picture below the whole area has been given a thorough tidy up and clean. I should now be able to find everything I need

The rest of the work shop/store room has also been given a spring clean with all the large terrain now grouped together according to genre.

and finally all the figures are now situated in this room. All the boxes are labelled and sorted by period and scale.

The two tables below have been topped with green felt (not for snooker) and can be used for projects or a separate table. They form a four foot square area.

Final shot of this room - I can now access the door in the far end !!

Moving into the main games room all my boardgames are now sorted and in one place.

Finally I rearranged the tables to form the biggest space possible and still allow access around most of the table. The final measurement is 6ft wide by 14.5ft. Just the right size to allow coverage by my cloths.

I reckon their is sufficient size around the table for some barstools - so now on the hunt

Another shot from the far end - the rifle is a wooden copy of a Martini Henry - I bought this for my old man one Xmas a few years back and when he passed on my mother handed back all his paraphenalia.

The last job to do is to sort out all the scatter terain I have accumulated. These are all in bixes now on racks in the main room. I'll get round to this shortly.

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The pub sign is almost finished....which I will share in the next post

take care & stay safe


  1. Very inspiring as ever - thinking of copnying your table section on casters idea. Barstools may be available second-hand if the lockdown continues.

  2. If I died and they showed me this and Heaven I would say "I can't seen any difference mate!"

  3. Lovely job all round. Nice to see you have a kettle to hand for a cuppa. Charity shops are a good source for used furniture in decent nick.

  4. Pleased to see it nearing completion!

  5. Your work has paid off. A fantastic gaming space.

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  7. A massive amount of stuff stored and in great sorted order -well done there.

  8. That really is a transformation!

  9. OK, it's officially time to ask you to come to the US and build one of those in my backyard. Please let me know your availability.

  10. Very inspiring! Looking to see when you can post some images of games in progress once this current situation is remedied.

  11. "I should now be able to find everything I need"
    Oh lololol...
    Wonderful gaming space; I am a little jealous.

  12. absolutely awesome . the bar needs a GRAND opening !!! achooo

  13. Looking forward the grand reopening!

  14. No pictures.. "This image is currently unavailable" from Photobucket..

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