Friday, 29 January 2016

ECW - part 4 - The Plastics all assembled

Hi Folks

After some late evening stints I am delighted to report that all my plastic Warlord ECW troops are assembled, based and primed. This took literally hours but the cost savings versus the equivalent metal army has been well documented in my previous post.

The start of this ECW series can be found here

So I am finally ablre to lay out the core of the army with a few additions. There is some more stuff on the way (namely more guns, mounted dragoons and a few more commanders) but effectively wjhat you see in the photos is the core of my ECW army. The next time it will all get laid out (on movement trays) will be when it is painted.

Please note the forces are NOT laid out by battalia, regiment or unit. That comes next when I decide on the paint schemes.
The Plastic Army takes the Field

Sixty Cavalry...

The first two guns almost painted - Demi Culverins from Perry
The first commanders - back three Perry, front three Empress (another four mounted commanders on there way)

Lots of Pike & Shotte

On the subject of painting I have set myself the target of completing this lot by the end of June - that 5 months of solid painting.

For all my followers who are NOT interested in the ECW rest assured there is other stuff to come from the Shed...this weekend we kick off the Frostgrave campaign so reports on that early next week.


Part 5 can be found here


  1. I got a shed load of these on Ebay the year before last. Fortunately all made up so no assembly required. Most are still in a box, think I have painted about twenty.

  2. That's an awfully large lot of plastics to paint up. Mind you, we've all seen how fast you can get them painted up and ready to go on the table, so we won't have long to wait to see them in all their glory :)

  3. Impressive! The table would be groaning under the equivalent in metal. I'm looking forward to seeing them painted up.

  4. Great stuff a challenge for most mortals !

  5. Must dig my ECW stuff out of the loft.

  6. An impressive assembly, even more impressive if you can paint that lot in 5 months! Good luck :-)

  7. Having just painted an ECW Royalist army of similar size, I look forward to seeing your troops once they have their 'uniforms' on.

    Keep the ECW updates coming, please!

    -- Jeff

  8. Rather you than me Mr Shed!I look forward to seeing this unfold.