Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A big thank you - 400k hits on the blog

Hi Folks

Woke up this morning with the welcome news that the Shed Wars blog has achieved 400k hits !

When I started this blog just over 4 years ago I never thought that I could achieve this milestone and based on current run rates I should top over the half million mark in September this year.

So a big thank you to all those following and clicking.

You might have also noticed that the blog has now been featuring some advertising (via adsense). I started this back at the beginning of December and since there have been no complaints I'll leave it on.

In the thirty plus days I have been running the adverts I have amassed the princely sum of £11.25.

Crudely this works out at about 30p a day. Over this period I have attracted around 14,000 hits so each hit is worth approximately 0.08pence.

Clearly this is not going to earn me a fortune but the revenue will got to offset the charges I now need to pay photobucket to store all the photos on this blog.


Eric the Shed


  1. Congratulations on reaching this milestone sir - worth every click!

  2. Congratulations with the milestone!

  3. Nicely done - I'm sure this is the start of the next great internet empire.

  4. Well done! I only get 8,000 hits a month on mine (about what my girly blog gets in a day but you are not allowed to advertise on those!)

  5. A splendid milestone Sir, bravo.

  6. Congratulations on the milestone!

  7. God knows why I replied to that, but keep up the good work.

  8. Congratulations on a great milestone!

  9. shedwargamers 400k --- watch out for a phone call from games workshop LOL ..

  10. Congratulations on the milestone. I've only recently found your blog, with your Frostgrave scenery series, though I think I'll be coming back.

    Could you share a little more detail about how you made some of it? In particular, I picked up one of the Gormiti Earth Shrines - which were a great find - but I was surprised to see it doesn't sit flush to the floor because it has plastic circles on the bottom. Did you cut those off? Was it difficult?

    Sorry for asking, but I don't see it covered in your very helpful looking terrain directory.

    1. Hi Ben

      welcome to Shed Wars

      I noticed that I have not actually updated the terrain directory with any of my Frostgrave stuff. I'll get that sorted soon. If you just search Shed Wars Frostgrave Terrain part 1 on google you will get directed to the beginning of the journey including all the tutorials.

      Ref the Gormiti Earth Temples - I bought three and have painted them up. I sold one on ebay to cover the cost of all three..;-)

      I have just been down to the Shed to look at these mysterious rings you speak of. I hadn't noticed them before and yes they do prevent the shrine sitting flush to the table top. I'll probably leave them but plastic could be cut down using a sharp knife or a dremel.

      Thanks for your interest


    2. Thanks. I wasn't sure whether it would be easy/possible to remove them, given that some have screw heads in. I thought, from your picture, that you probably had, because it's not so noticeable that it isn't sat on the floor. But if you hadn't then I guess that just proves it isn't so noticeable if left alone.

      Thanks again for the inspiration. It looks like it may be a slightly bigger project than I expected, but it's a great (basis of a) terrain piece.