Tuesday, 2 February 2016

ECW - The Artillery painted - part 5

Hi Folks

part 4 can be found here


Mrs Shed went away for the weekend so I was free, once chores completed, to spend some serious time painting.

Managed to paint up 8 cannons and the gun crew. This will form the majority of my Artillery

The Cannons were sourced from Perry - 4 demi culverins (9lbs) and 2 minions (4lbs) (along with their crew) plus a further two falcons from Bicorne miniatures and a pack of their gun crew (8). We have agreed that Medium guns will be denoted with four crew and light guns with three. In total I spent around £78 on this little lot.

The Falcons (Light Guns)

The Minions

Front View

Prior to painting these I did some research on what colour the carriages should be and sadly there is very little documented evidence on the colour schemes but those more worthy than I all agree that they would have been painted/stained to protect the timber frames. In the end I chose to paint mine a mix of yellows, blues and reds. The iron work by common consent was painted black.

Likewise the crew (of which there are 30) have been painted in a variety of colours (civvies if you wish). Although the Bicorne gunners are slightly larger than the Perry's I have mixed them up to give some variety. Lets face it not everybody in real life is the same size.

The First Two Demi Culverins

The bases are plasti-card (6cm x 12cm) and have been augmented with a few barrels from my pirate terrain along with the various kit that came with the gun purchases. Once all the guns & crew were painted I mounted them on the base and then carefully added the ground mix. This was then painted a chocolate brown (tester pot) and dry-brushed with tan. The base was then topped off with a few scattered tufts. Finally I edged the bases black with a black permanent marker.

The Second Two Demi Culverins

I'll eventually invest in some larger guns and mortars but this will do for now. I am very pleased with the results but it also highlights how long this journey is going to take.

All Eight Guns

Until next time...

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  1. Fantastic!!!! Thanks for sharing, excellent work!

  2. looking good so far, its gonna be a long haul with the awesome amount of models you have to burn through :)

  3. Great work on the artillery, your ECW project is going well.

  4. What a splendid weekend's work!

  5. Great stuff a big project......starting with eight cannons is a bit scary for a new project but a great start. Ps you need a new background photo lol

  6. Great job Mr. Shed - you are on a roll!

  7. Nicely done! I'm now finishing up with my ECW artillery.

  8. Very impressive. Wish I could paint that we'll, that fast!