Monday 4 January 2016

Happy New Year from the Shed & the latest in my Frostgrave project

Hi Folks

A belated Happy New Year from the Shed. Hope you all had a great Christmas and some time off with your loved ones.

For my sins mine was sadly game free.

Mrs Shed somehow managed to book every day I wanted to play with relatives etc...and I still haven't been to see the new Star Wars film yet !!

However she was very nice to me this year and under the tree was a big fat Xbox one for my presie. This came complete with Fallout 4 - what a blast ! Ever since Fallout 1 came out this has to be my favourite game series (number 2 is the old Baldurs Gate rpg, and Skyrim number 3))

The weather has also done its best to prevent access to the Shed - the garden is completely waterlogged and just to travel the couple of hundred feet to the end of the garden requires welly boots. All I can say is that us folks in the South seem to have got off lightly compared to those in the north.

Therefore the kitchen table has become my painting space and I am delighted to report that I have finished painting ALL my frostgrave minis.

I'll post up a report on these in the next couple of days once I have done some photos - and I'll be talking about revolution in my painting habits  - more on this soon.

All that is left is the box of cultists to do and then we are done.

However the big news is that I can report that my city is now 90% complete. Just waiting on a few Pegasus hobbies boxes sets to finish off the third board.

I took some photos with the lights on and off in the shed - the off switch photos make the city look far colder !..

Lights on

Lights off - The nearly finished city....about 4ft x 7ft


Some Harry Potter Chess Piece Statues - Some of these are now on sale on ebay

The Chess Pieces make great statues - I bought 12 broken ones off ebay for about £15 - these have now been painted up and I am hoping to recoup some of my expenditure by selling off the ones I don't need. The 28mm Fireforge soldier shows how big they are.

Here's a couple more of these in front of a Pegasus hobbies ruin - This was built using building set 1 and the ruins box set.

These two sets enable me to build this wonderful ruined church, wizards college...whatever

The picture below is the reverse shot of this impressive building.

I also acquired another Building box set 1 and constructed the standard building. The arches can all be taken off to ease storage (or even connected together to create an interesting architectural walkway)

I have gone a bit crazy on these Pegasus buildings and have ordered another big set, another ruin set and another building set 1 to finish off the city with an impressive tower. Sadly building set number 2 appears to be out of production and they are now going for silly money.

Finally I drilled some holes into the plain boards so I could add some trees...coupled with the ruined buildings they look rather good (thanks John for buying these).

So coming up next....

1. Old dogs do learn new tricks - my painting eureka moment

2. The kick off of our Frostgrave campaign

3. The next Shed Wars project - The English Civil War

4. The next blog milestone - 400k hits ! (almost there)

Finally I just wanted to bring to my followers attention a rather interesting You Tube channel I discovered over the Xmas period - if you like terrain this will be up your street. The Terrain Tutor has some very interesting programmes/articles worth a gander at....

You can find him here

If by any chance he reads this or you know him please pass on my thanks - I don't do facebook where he resides and since Shedson is the only one who can work you tube I daren't send him a comment on that media.


A HAPPY and Prosperous New Year to you all

Eric the Shed


  1. Wow, this is really impressive!! Good luck with your projects - as for the 400k milestone, I´ll sure be back ;) Greetings!

  2. Wonderful gaming table Eric! You just reminded me I have a box of some Pegasus Gothics something or other in the crawlspace. We too are about to embark on the grand Frostgrave campaign later this month. Let the fun begin!

  3. Great stuff! I went to the Pegasus USA site and the building #2 looks to be available: ??

  4. Marvelous table! All the best for the new year, I'm looking forward to reading of your new endeavours - your blog is a great inspiration. I'm especially curious about your take on the ECW.

    1. Thank you Sir....ref ECW ---I am interested as well ..apparently there was a skirmish very close to where I live....

  5. Replies
    1. Good to receive your reply...hope 2016 is better than 2015

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  7. Happy New Year! Lovely looking work there as ever. Intrigued to learn about this painting revolution next time.

  8. Thanks Mr Shed :) you provide inspiration for many even if most of us can't achieve your standards, looking forward to your projects this year. Matt

  9. wow! That looks great. Warburton

  10. Great stuff! Hope the path to the shed clears up soon. Happy new year!

  11. Stunning city! Looking forward to the campaign reports. Happy New Year!

  12. Very, very impressive. It looks superb, and I'm sure it will lend itself to some memorable games.

  13. That is one impressive city layout :)

  14. An absolutely smashing table, very impressed and envious, look forward to seeing the games you play on it. Happy new year :-)

  15. Happy New Year to you and the SHed family! Frostgrave looks marvellous!

  16. Brilliant. (ie pretty but still useful)