Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Frostgrave Terrain Part 9

Hi Folks

So in my last post you saw the first of my Frostgrave boards - I called this the dragon city board - I should add that this about 50% of the buildings and blocks I created


However there is still more work to be done ! I promised my group of players that I would build three boards - Monday night regularly sees six gamers in the Shed so three boards will be perfect for a series of round robin games.

As before the base boards are all 30cm x 30cm Mdf squares (close enough to one foot in my mind).
Again these were all primed.

Once the primer was dry I added sand and railway modelling ballast to create some underlying texture. This was fixed using PVA and left to rest for 24 hours. The edges were then all tidied up to give a snug fit with the boards. The ballast and sand once painted will create a great texture.

The textured surface

Given these 30cm boards can be mixed with the tiled versions this is going to give me plenty of permutations.

However lets talk about the buildings.

Over the last few weeks I have sat patiently on ebay bidding for warhammer plastic ruins. On many occasions these come along very expensive but if you are lucky there are bargains to be had.

I also managed to acquire one of Pegasus Hobbies Gothic building sets (box A I believe). Rather fortuitously OI discovered that the ruined Warhammer pieces have exactly the same dimensions between pillar. Fixing these ruined pieces onto the structurally sound Pegasus ones creates some wonderful ruined buildings. As you can see I have enough of these to create several interesting buildings.

Having laid out the pieces this still feels a little bare....recalling that I had a load of old rubble piles from my Terminator games I chucked these on...much better ;-)

Still some more bits to add but before I go any further I better go and slap on some paint.

Oh and the name of this board...for some reason these buildings remind me of Hogwarts so this will be known as the Wizards College Board

Part 10 is here


  1. Excellent! Now all you need to do is move to Hereford and you'll be sorted! :D

  2. I have some of those old 40k ruins. I also have a set or two of the LoTR ruins, and various 1/72 scale bits as well. I am going to put them together as scatter terrain to go around the more substantial pieces that i have scratch built.

    Nice find with the Pegasus set fitting with the 40k ruins...

  3. Awesome stuff ... you are on fire getting this stuff done! :-)

  4. Excellent stuff......just a suggestion it would also be interesting to see if you configure the pieces as a single building ? Which has collapsed etc... Just a thought

  5. Wow. That's come together really well. I'd love a game on those tables!