Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Frostgrave Terrain Build part 10

Hi Folks

First up can I thank you all for the wonderful comments you have all kindly left following my blogs 4th Birthday. They really are appreciated !

Back to Frostgrave Terrain project has continued over the last few days and we have even managed a couple of games. No reports as yet until we get the hang of the rules but they are fun !

As a short recap the plan was always to build three different boards for my Frostgrave campaign - these would need to be modular and interchangeable. So far I have built the non-ruined city, part of the ruins and when I left you last the latest board was coming to shape. More here

This is what it looked likw...the ruins were built from a mix of Pegasus hobbies gothic buildings and warhammer terrain. By chance I discovered that with a bit of glue I could add the warhammer stuff to the pegasus kits relatively easily and as you can see in the following pictures they have come up a treat.

The two kits joined together...

All the buildings were sprayed black and then drybrushed with a dark then light grey. That's all there is to it.

Lots of terrain to block line of site

Of course Frostgrave needs treasure tokens so its good news that I finished these for our games

Now of course with all this terrain built I need more base boards...have no fear these are on their way and will be posted soon.

In the next post - more scatter terrain and a great source of statues (not more dragons)

Until next time

part 11 can be found here