Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Frostgrave Terrain Build part 12

Good Morning Folks

When I left you last I was talking about statues for the city of Felstad.

Last link is here


I had acquired some metal broken Lord of the Rings Chess pieces. Turning these into statues was dead easy. First up paint them black and the dry brush them in a succession of greys -  dark to light.

The finished result looks rather good and adds some great scatter terrain to the ruined city.

I acquired a total of eight broken LOTR figures - pretty much all the weapons had been broken off

In addition to these statues I also bought the Airfix 1/72 scaled European fountain. This is a resin kit and works perfectly for my 28mm city. Again this was painted black and dry brushed grey. I then added some PVA glue into the pool and allowed this to dry. The effect gives a frozen pool of water. The kit itself cost £9 inc postage.

The fountain is sitting on the board with the embossed circular shape - see previous post 

The PVA ice works quite well

Finally my last statue parcel arrived - a large number of plastic Harry Potter Chess Pieces. Total cost £10 inc postage. Some of these will make for great Statues. The Pawn pieces are loose on their bases so these bases can be turned into cheap plinths for other statues. Just cut off the protruding knob and spring and bobs your uncle.

As you can see these chess pieces are huge compared to the LOTR ones

With 28mm figure for scale

To create a plinth...cut off the protuberance

Add statue...

Finally we got round to playing a couple more games last night - great fun and helping us to put together the campaign for the new year...

A couple od shots rom last nights gaming board...sadly no AAR this time

Until next time....

part 13 can be found here



  1. Wow... Great Idea that really make your already awesome city pop!

  2. Man that table looks so sweet, great work.

  3. I picked up the first two LoTR collectable figures when they came out (Lurtz and Gandalf). I don't think Lurtz is particularly suitable for a statue, but I may well use Gandalf.

    Nice idea!

  4. I have a set of those plastic LOTR chess pieces that I have ear-marked for conversion into statues.

    I really must get around to working on them soon.


  5. Now I see you have the HP statues. Depending on your colour scheme I have used them as they are, but agree they are large. Set up looks great I would be tempted to get a tiny bit of colour on the scheme ? Perhaps some bushes or tufts etc ?

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  7. I am also working on the Pawns from the Harry Potter chess set for my Statues for Frostgrave...just too many distractions preventing me from focussing on project...ah the life we lead

  8. With all these done, your table looks amazing sir.

  9. Simply done yet amazing looking :)