Friday, 11 December 2015

Frostgrave Terrain Build part 11

Hi Folks

More on the Frostgrave Terrain build... but NO SNOW YET

up to now you have only seen the standard paved board I have created for the Frostgrave Terain boards, but with three terrain boards promised for my group to play on simultaneously I needed more playing areas, so rather than create more of the same I have created two more different types. On top of that they also needed to be interchangeable.

Oops sorry if you are just joining part 10 can be found here...

So there are two more types of boards some with paving but more ruined, other just bare ground. These were created in the same way as the originals using 2mm EVA foam embossed with a pen. The non slab areas are covered in sand and grit. Everything is painted black and then dry brushed greys.

 I also tested out some wintry trees - these were just fixed into some drilled holes and can be easily removed.

The non paved areas have been drybrushed brown over the greys.

I now have nearly 30 x 12 foot square boards more than enough to create the three planned Frostgrave terrain boards.

Part open ground part ruined
The trees

I can mix and match these with the original boards - there are nine ruined pieces and nine plain

I also created a couple of designs to go with the standard boards for some variety - for example this cross effect.

and this circular one...

I really cannot stress how good (and cheap) this eva foam is for threse types of builds (thanks John for coming to the rescue when I ran out)

The embossing is all done with a biro freehand

Again these boards are all interchangeable

And they all stack into a relatively small (but heavy tower

The next post will focus on statues...the ruined city will no doubt feature its heroes and heroines of the past. Fortuitously I saw a recent blog post talking about using chess pieces as statues -- inspired.

I trotted off to ebay to see what I could find.

The first goodies to arrive were these damaged metal Lord of the Rings Chess pieces - £5 inc postage
 - yes they are missing some hands and weapons but they will make great statues (plus they come on their own plinths...

More on these and some others in my next post...

Until next time

Part 12 can be found here


  1. Nice, that's gonna be a big board 30x12 foot......;-)

  2. Very cool. Some good variations on setting with those tiles.

  3. May I ask from where the Lord of the rings models came & would there be more to be had do you think ?

  4. I bought these on ebay...sadly only the ones you see and they were all damaged

  5. You've sold me on the EVA foam. I ordered some the other day, and am pleased with how it's responding to being marked with a pencil!

  6. Nice .......check out Harry potter chess set which came out in plastic when the films were out. I have used it for several statues and bases.

    1. Thanks Matt - I was already on the case with that idea...see next post part 12